IObit Uninstaller v9.6.0.3 免安裝,專業的軟體移除工具

IObit Uninstaller


IObit Uninstaller Pro 是一款在 Windows 上功能相當專業的軟體移除工具,它除了支援批次解除安裝沒有用的程式之外,如果有遇到有毒或惡意軟體等刪不掉的問題,也可以直接使用強制刪除, Pro 專業版甚至可以執行更深層的清理任務,同時也可以監控上網避免惡意或廣告插件入侵電腦。



IObit Uninstaller 特色


Lighter & Cleaner PC

Need to uninstall programs and free up disk space? IObit Uninstaller 8 is the one you can trust, no matter programs no longer being used, can’t being uninstalled through standard uninstallation or bundled with other programs. It also introduces an easy way to uninstall programs. You can quickly remove programs via desk icon, opened window or system tray icon.


Safer & Faster Browsing

Once malicious toolbar get to your computer they might take over your browsers by changing settings without permission. What’s worse, you would end up in privacy leaking and slow internet. IObit Uninstaller 8 Free lists all toolbars and marks out the malicious ones installed on main-stream browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, allowing you find and delete them quickly.


No Leftover Files

Regular uninstall cannot delete programs completely. With IObit Uninstaller 8, you don’t need to worry about leftovers any more. IObit Uninstaller 8 removes leftovers automatically after uninstalling programs. Even those leftover files cannot be deleted by other uninstallers; you can still count on it.


Update Software Simply

Outdated software is risky. Attacker can easy find weakness in it resulting whole system at danger. IObit Uninstaller 8 Free is there keeping over 60 critical programs up to date for you. You can easily update software via secure download links to the latest version on publishers’ websites.


Why IObit Uninstaller PRO?

IObit Uninstaller PRO is an enhanced edition of free. Its advanced features will ensure a better PC performance and safer online browsing.





英文名稱: IObit Uninstaller Pro

Language: 中文

Category: 軟體移除

File Type: exe

Size: 18.9 MB

MOD Type: 一般修改

System: Windows 10/8.1/7

Offered: IObit

Others: 免破解, 有免安裝版



IObit Uninstaller 專業版教學


▼ 可快速解除安裝程式,也可以自動偵測需要更新的軟體。


▼ 如果軟體打開為英文或非中文語系的話,可以從右上角的設定來更換為繁體中文版本。


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  1. 可移除瀏覽器工具列及外掛插件。
  2. 具有文件粉碎功能,可完全刪除檔案。
  3. 軟體可強制移除及批次解除安裝功能。



最新版異動 WHAT’S NEW ( Offical )


bug fixs



IObit Uninstaller 下載


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