NetSetMan v4.7.1 可自動切換 IP 的網路管理軟體



NetSetMan 是一款可以免費快速切換 IP 的軟體,它可以簡單的管理及設定網路,不管是一般家用電腦或在公司、學校,在不同的環境下可以轉換至適合的配置,不用在傷腦筋多花時間來處理,而免費版的 NetSetMan 可以儲存六組配置,只要利用快捷鍵就可以輕鬆切換。


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NetSetMan is a network settings manager software which can easily switch between your preconfigured profiles!


NetSetMan Pro 介紹


If you need NetSetMan for non-commercial purposes (privately at home, as a student, for voluntary work, …) you can use the Non-Commercial Freeware version of NetSetMan.
You need to purchase NetSetMan Pro if you’d like to use it in any commercial way. This includes using it at work or even on your own laptop if you use it to make money in any way. (NetSetMan Software License Agreement)

The license never expires and includes free updates within the major release (all upcoming 4.x versions with bugfixes and new features) and also a free major upgrade (5.x) for one year after your purchase.




NetSetMan 教學


▼ 可依據不同的環境來設定網路配置,然後一鍵就可切換。









  1. 免費版可設定六組網路配置。
  2. 可根據不同網路環境來調整設定。
  3. 快速切換已設好的 IP。



NetSetMan 下載 – Windows


專業版 4.7.1
解壓密碼 chtlife
File driver1driver2

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